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Torah Learning


Yeshivat Yale

A weekly, low-key, Talmud-centric adventure, accompanied by good friends and waffles


Sunday Night Learning

A rotation of Torah topics curated by a range of Slifka clergy members to go along with food from various local kosher restaurants

Open Beit Midrash

During the winter months, in the time between candle lighting and Kabbalah Shabbat, lively chavruta learning followed by a student-given shiur

Shabbos Shiur

A weekly pre-lunch shiur with the orthodox and egal communities given by a student

Pirkei Avot

An hour before Shabbos mincha, a group of students meets to learn and discuss a few mishnayot each week


Mishna Yomi

WhatsApp group featuring ~5 minute voice notes teaching the day's mishna. President Peter Salovey even taught once!

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