Prospective Students Shabbaton

Every fall, YIHY hosts a Prospective Students Shabbaton for students interested in Jewish undergraduate . This is an awesome time for you to see Yale, to experience the YIHY community, and to meet other prospective students who might become your future classmates. The weekend includes a talk with an admissions officer, a tour of the campus, a discussion led by an esteemed Jewish member of Yale's faculty, and lots and lots of time to talk and hang out with current Yalies.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the shabbaton will be modified to offer a remote option for prospective students interested in meeting and learning about Yale's Jewish community. 

Choose Yale

Yalies flock to Yale for all sorts of excellent reasons. Some choose Yale because of its outstanding academics and phenomenal financial aid program, others because they love Yale's residential colleges and campus life, and yet others because of the incredible extracurricular opportunities.


But Jewish Yalies have an additional reason to love Yale. We know that when day school students choose colleges, Jewish life is a top priority. These students wonder whether they can flourish and grow as observant Jews on the college's campus, whether they will be part of a strong and vibrant community, and whether they can integrate their religious observance with a normal college life.

At Yale, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes.