Yale Eruv

Each week before Shabbat, an email is sent out to kosher-l, one of our listserves, regarding the status of the Yale Eruv. You can also check the Eruv status by calling the Eruv Hotline: (203) 387-3897.

The image above is a general picture of the Yale-New Haven Eruv. Click here for the significantly more readable pdf version. Make sure also to read the notes below. For more information about the Eruvin, check out the New Haven Eruv's website.

Important Notes:

The brown line is the Yale Eruv. The black line shows the New Haven Eruv, with the line down Orchard Street signifying the boundary between the two. Both eruvin are joined into one large eruv unless either eruv is down, in which case only the New Haven Eruv or the Yale Eruv will be functional.

(1) Orchard and Goffe: When crossing between the New Haven Eruv and the Yale Eruv on Goffe Street, make sure you're on the SOUTH SIDE of Goffe.

(2) Henry and Winchester: Stay on the south side of Henry, and circle south around BOTH poles on the southwest corner of this intersection before heading north on the east side of Winchester.

(3) Humphrey and State: The pole just south of Humphrey is west of the sidewalk, in the gas station's lot. This means that the sidewalk on BOTH sides of State Street is outside of the eruv at this point. To stay in the eruv, you'd have to cross Humphrey diagonally and walk through the gas station. The best thing to do (when walking TOWARD Slifka) is to turn right before crossing Humphrey and walk down Orange Street (on the west side) to get downtown.

(4) Orange and Trumbull: The east side of Orange Street at Trumbull is outside the eruv. To reach the block of Trumbull between Orange and State (south side only), take Audubon to State, then turn west onto Trumbull.

(5) Coliseum: During construction at the Coliseum site, the Eruv will use the construction fence. State Street south of Fair/George and North Frontage Road east of Orange will thus be outside the eruv until further notice.

(6) North Frontage and Temple: The eruv boundary passes diagonally over the sidewalk where North Frontage crosses Temple. The walkable area inside the eruv gets quite narrow.

(7) Yale-New Haven Hospital: The Children's Pavilion of the hospital is connected to the eruv between South and Howard Streets on Park. The rest of the hospital is accessible by indoor routes from there. Click here for more details.

(8) Legion/South Frontage and Howard/Howe: Do not walk along Legion/South Frontage when crossing from one eruv to the other. The eruv narrows to the point that you'd have to press yourself against a fence and wriggle along. To visit Yale-New Haven Hospital from the west, walk east along NORTH Frontage, CROSS Howe (which becomes Howard), turn right on the east side of Howe, cross South Street, then turn left to the hospital. Coming from the north, walk south on the West side of Park Street until you cross South Street. Then cross over Park Street to the hospital.

(9) The Yale Farm and the Grove Street Cemetery are outside the eruv.

(10) When walking along streests that border the Eruv but are not mentioned above, you can assume that you are within the eruv ONLY if you walk ON THE SIDEWALK on the "inside" side of the street. Utility poles should be between you and the street, on your "outside" side.

Temporary Update:

Due to a fix on North Frontage/Park Street, you now CANNOT walk either up or down North Frontage crossing over Park Street (directions are NW or SW). You will have to use one street--i.e. George Street--if you want to cross Park Street north-bound. As long as you come from George Street, you can still walk on Park Street toward Yale-NH Hospital if you walk on the RIGHT side of the street. (When we re-connect YNHH to the eruv this will be the way to get there.)

If you are likely to be in one of the noted areas or you have questions about the eruv boundaries in general, please contact Sharon Reinhart ((203) 772-2648).