Learning Venues


The Slifka Beit Midrash and Library

Just upstairs from where our minyan is held, the Slifka Center has a beit midrash and a library.  Students can always be found in these rooms, learning in pairs, small groups, or attending a wide array of shiurim at all levels (Talmud, Halakhah, Yiddish language classes, and much more).  Some of these groups involve Rabbi Mati and Hadassa Pawlak--our Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus couple--in addition to other Slifka rabbis and guest speakers. Undergraduate and graduate students also teach classes.

Do you want to be set up with partners for chavruta learning? Fill out the following form, or contact our Torah Learning Coordinator, Daniel Fridman ‘20 (daniel.fridman@yale.edu).


In the Dining Hall

In a spin on the Lunch n’ Learn theme, the Slifka Center’s Dining Hall has become a place for round-table discussion (literally). Discussion groups led by staff meet weekly and eat downstairs, engaging in topics such as Jewish Medical Bioethics and Hebrew-language tables. Another lunch-learning opportunity to look out for is L’DAAT, a lunch speaker series inviting faculty members to speak on subjects of Jewish interest.

Other On-Campus Learning Opportunities

Chabad at Yale: Check out their website!

Meor at Yale: Check out their website!