Kosher Food

The Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen and Slifka Dining

Slifka Dining is Yale’s kosher dining hall. Open for three meals a day during the week and for all Shabbat meals, Slifka Dining is an essential element of both the religious and social infrastructures of our community.

Whether those sitting around the table are catching up, debating, or just hanging out, shared meals at Slifka are important in maintaining our strong, tight-knit Jewish community. There, undergraduates bond with one another, as well as with graduate students, community members, and the "Slifka Fellow" professors who frequent the dining hall.

But observant members of the YIHY community are not the only ones who enjoy delicious meals at Slifka. Because Slifka dining is known for its excellent food, warm atmosphere, and centrality on campus, many non-observant Jews and non-Jews eat at Slifka as well. It helps that Slifka is a part of the standard Yale Dining Plan. That is, any undergraduate on Yale's meal plan can come eat at Slifka for any meal for free. Slifka's popularity among the general undergraduate population makes it easy for observant Jewish students to bring their friends, suitemates--and even entire clubs and classes--to Slifka for meals.

Slifka Dining does its best to provide for all who have additional dietary restrictions, such as allergies, vegetarianism, and even veganism. The staff even cooks entirely separate meals for some members of our community with extreme food restrictions in an attempt to include everyone in the dining experience.

During the week, Slifka offers both meat and dairy kosher meals. On Shabbat, dinner and lunch are meat and se’udah sh’lishit is dairy.

The Slifka Dining hall is supervised by the Va'ad HaKashrut of Fairfield County, administered by Rabbi Yaakov Mendelson. Slifka Dining is open when Yale is in session and on select weekends during school breaks.

For those not on the meal plan who desire details about menus, pricing, and booking Shabbat meals, please visit Slifka’s dining page, call Joseph Slifka Center at (203) 432-1138, or stop by Slifka's front desk at 80 Wall Street.

Alternative Kosher Dining Options on Campus


There are several small stores on campus that allow you to purchase food items with your meal swipe. Stores with Kosher items include KBT Cafe, Uncommon, and (with probably the widest selection of Kosher items) Durfee's. These are especially helpful if for some reason you cannot make a particular meal at the Slifka Center.

The Chabad at Yale also offers free meals to Yale students on Shabbat and Holidays.

Alternative Kosher Dining Options in New Haven


Although Claire's Corner Copia and Edge of the Woods are definitely the community favorites, New Haven is home to several kosher establishments. There are also various supermarkets in the area at which you can buy kosher food.

As always, be sure to double check the kashrut certification prior to ordering.